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Ardmore Seafox joins Ardmore Fleet
Hong Kong


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Ardmore Shipping Corporation has recently announced that its latest new build vessel, the Ardmore Seafox, was delivered by SPP Shipbuilding Co., Ltd (“SPP Shipbuilding”) from the Sacheon shipyard in Korea on 25th June 2015.


The Ardmore Seafox is a 49,999 DWT IMO 3 product and chemical tanker, and her addition to the Ardmore fleet increases the number of Ardmore vessels on the water to twenty with a total tonnage of 819,519 DWT. Technical management of the Ardmore Seafox will be provided by Univan Ship Management Ltd.


As with the ARDMORE SEALION, the ARDMORE SEAFOX is a high quality eco-design Ardmore vessel, fully equipped with a variety of fuel-saving measures including Skysails technology and offering the highest standards of performance for our customers. With an average age of less than four and a half years, the Ardmore fleet is among the youngest in the industry.


We are delighted to supply this series of modern, high-quality tankers.


Upon delivery of this latest vessel with Gulf Oil Marine, we are currently supplying 10 Ardmore’s ships and we are going to supply other upcoming Eco-product and chemical tankers by the fourth quarter of 2015.


Apart from ARDMORE SEAFOX, we are supplying lubricant oil to most of the Ardmore’s vessels on a long term basis which includes ARDMORE SEALION, ARDMORE SEALEADER, ARDMORE ENDEAVOUR, ARDMORE SEAFARER and ARDMORE SEATRADER. We believe with our second to none service in marine oil industry, success is our continuous journey.


Gulf Oil Marine has been creating significant synergies with our ship managers by building key long term commercial relationship and we are- “Always on the ship side”.



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