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FEDNAV expands ice-class Handy Fleet
Hong Kong



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Montreal, Quebec– International maritime bulk carrier Fednav Limited will add six new oceangoing laker vessels to its fleet in 2015. Ordered with Sumitomo Corporation and Oshima Shipyard, the environmentally advanced vessels will be built in Japan and will add substantial capacity to the company’s Great Lakes-capable fleet of ships. Gulf Oil Marine was selected to supply Fednav’s entire eco- friendly fleet in 2014.


These vessels will share the environmental characteristics of the previous Lakers ordered at the Oshima shipyard which are also supplied by Gulf Oil Marine. They will consume 28% less fuel and produce 28% fewer emissions than vessels built by Oshima Shipyard for Fednav ten years ago, ships already among the most efficient of their time.


Further supporting FedNav’s environmental initiatives, Gulf Oil Marine is proud our GulfSea BD Series of Environmentally Aware Lubricants will lubricate the energy efficient bulk carriers. Gulf Oil Marine’s environmentally aware products are used on this fleet to safeguard the environment, comply with all international regulations while providing the highest level of protection for the vital equipment of this fleet.


Gulf Oil Marine can be counted to support future initiatives in support of our customers worldwide, and will remain “Always at the Ship’s Side”.





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