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Gulf Oil Marine – Europe
Athens, Greece



The inception of Gulf Oil Marine 5 years ago represented a continuation of the long journey started by the Gulf Oil Brand more than 100 years ago. Gulf Oil Marine’s vision of providing the best marine lubricant solutions for the global shipping industry and our passion for customer service are consistent with the values set by the centenarian brand.

Even as we celebrate our achievements in the last 5 years (a real feat given the difficulties in the shipping industry), the focus has already moved on to the next 5 years as we work to advance Gulf Oil Marine’s position to further extend our services to even more customers. In fact, our Europe team congregated in Athens to deliberate on the issues relating to the business in the next 5 years.

“I am proud of what Gulf Oil Marine has achieved, in just 5 years we have developed a wide and extensive coverage of more than 900 ports around the world, so that we are able to supply to our customers anywhere, anytime, on time and in full,” beamed Mr Keith Mullin, CEO of Gulf Oil Marine.

Added Mr George Papathanassiou, CEO of Gulf Oil Marine office in Greece, “our customers made it possible for us to be here; we intend to thank them by committing to serve them even better and being ready to serve to even more customers!”


Gulf Oil Marine Asia Pacific Sales Meeting

The Europe team meeting to make plans to deliver better service to more customers


Gulf Oil Marine Asia Pacific Sales Meeting



A new meaning to our commitment: “Always at the ship’s side”!! 


Gulf Oil Marine Asia Pacific Sales Meeting

 Gulf Oil Marine Asia Pacific Sales Meeting

Our team happily celebrating the company’s 5th Anniversary