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Leveraging on Houghton’s Indonesian Partnership: PT Dwi Centro Perkasa

PT Dwi Centro Perkasa

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KC Tseng, our SE Asia Operations & Supply Chain Manager, recalled the challenges that Gulf Oil Marine faced for our Indonesian operations, “importing lubricant products to Indonesia has been extremely challenging; it would take us at least 4-5 weeks to get our products to go through the Indonesian customs and other requirements.  And this is despite the geographical proximity between Singapore and Indonesia.   The supply difficulties in the past created significant operational limitations, and have regrettably resulted in frequent lost business opportunities.”


PT Dwi Centro Perkasa


“As such, the integration with Houghton, couldn’t have come at a better time!  When we found out that DCP was Houghton’s appointed Indonesian distributor, we realised that we could leverage on that partnership to try to overcome our logistical limitations.  In fact, it was on the basis of DCP’s relationship with Houghton that we were able to establish commercial alignment with DCP quickly, within a short span of 2 months,” KC pointed out.

PT Dwi Centro Perkasa (DCP) is part of a group of companies that specializes in various lubricant products in Indonesia.  While its main activities are in Java, it has good network in the entire Indonesia.  The group pioneered the importation of foreign-made lubricants into the Indonesian domestic market and has been actively doing so for the past few decades, a clear testimony of its local market strength.

In 2010, DCP was appointed by Houghton for exclusive distribution of its offshore and industrial products in Indonesia.  And very quickly, DCP facilitated in securing major global accounts such as ConocoPhilips, for Houghton’s offshore products

DCP became a valued partner of Gulf Oil Marine in Apr 2013 and we look forward to working with them to enhance our supply operations into Indonesia.  We will now be able to better serve our global customers lifting products in Indonesian ports and equally important, DCP will be able to offer Gulf Oil Marine products to its customers in the coastal and domestic markets in Indonesia.

“This has made DCP the first integrated partner of Gulf and Houghton’s businesses. This development is a great example of how the Gulf and Houghton organisations can leverage on each other’s marketing and business network, and grow from each other’s strengths”, said Keith Mullin, CEO of Gulf Oil Marine.

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