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A breath of fresh air from GOM
Ship 2 Shore

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The one century old US multinational, currently Indian owned, after having revamped marine lubricants division, entered the Italian market as a new player offering a crucial value added: Genoa-based South-European customer service Gulf Oil Marine Ltd, previously listed within notorious ‘seven sisters’, actually left an exhausting Posidonia week re-entering international limelight in its renovated role and recording better results than expected. Founded over fifty years ago in the United States, the whole Corporation was sold Chevron, other sister company which undoubtedly restrained its development, in 1984.

Subsequently (1991) the company was sold to Indian private buyers starting its new rise in marine lubricants, as subsidiary of Gulf Oil International, controlled by Hinduja Group, industrial giant recording over 60,000 workers around the world.

GOM boot 2012

As reported by Capt. Alessandro Mantero, South Europe and Mediterranean Marine General Manager, in 2008 the owner revived it as a new supplier so as to compete with consolidated ones. “We boast 11 Gulf Oil Marine branches in the world, besides our Hong Kong-based Headquarters, and our core business is still represented by marine lubricants division. In 2010 we headquartered our Italian branch in Genoa, nearby our competitor (Shell Marine Products share the same building, Ed.) so as to offer our customers a vital value added commitment through our customer service which undoubtedly differentiates us from our competitors”.


GOM boot 2012
Capt. Alessandro Mantero, head of South-Europe unit, based in Genoa


Gulf Oil Marine cooperates in Greece with selected partner Rosebud Trading Co. and local representative Medousa Maritime. “We opened Athens branch in 2011 and already recruited 8 staff” continues the Genoese manager, actually boasting a distinguishable curriculum vitae; former Sales Manager Marine Lubricants of Chevron Products Italia SpA (9 years), subsequently Marine Senior Territory Manager of Mobil Oil Italiana Spa (11 and a half years), Sales Manager of ACIOM (1 year) after having attended Genoa-based San Giorgio Nautical institute and four years on board as Chief Engineer of Genoese Almare Soc. di Navigazione (Gruppo Finmare) Italian liquid bulk fleet in the mid Eighties.

Among Gulf Oil Marine first customers is d’Amico di Navigazione, with 27 units, followed by Motia di Navigazione of Venetian Zacchello, Sorrento-based Socomar of Meta, LGR di Navigazione owned by Carlo Pontecorvo. The company, that reached 10 million dollars sales, introduced its renovated structure inviting 170 selected guests to represent 59 shipping companies, at popular Glyfada premises within Posidonia exhibition, winding up the evening picking up a number from invitation tickets and awarding Greek Manager Eleftherios Maroulakis of Consolidated Marine Management Ltd, Piraeus a new Chevrolet Spark.


GOM boot 2012

The lucky winner of Gulf Marine branded car 


From Texas to Hong Kong through India with special driver Steve McQueen…

Gulf Oil Marine Limited is a new player in distribution of marine lubricants controlled by Gulf Oil International Group, supplying maritime industry with a wide range of high quality lubricants and skilled technical services in over 850 ports and 75 countries over the world.


As a matter of fact, American oil company was founded in Spindletop, Texas in 1901 at the time of oil discovery. Gulf brand orange circle’s popularity progressively soared, gaining a large success throughout the world reaching its highest development when famous actor and professional driver Steve McQueen, became its testimonial.


The US multinational launched several technical and marketing innovations until 1984 when it was acquired by Chevron for their businesses in the US. After twenty years Hinduja Group, owned by an Indian entrepreneurial family, purchased company’s brand, re-launching a frenzy marketing policy in over 70 countries.


Gulf Oil expanded and the Group invested in joint venture and subsidiary companies most of all in soaring Asian markets. Gulf Oil Marine is headquartered in Hong Kong and, thanks to its partnership with Sealub Alliance, its marine products and services are available all over the world.