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Serving the Shipping Industry with Innovative products

Serving the Shipping Industry with Innovative products towards greener Shipping:a viewpoint from a Marine Lubes Engineer


Global trends are hurtling today towards the reducing of our environmental footprint with the reduction of emissions, lower use of harmful chemicals in operations and most importantly a reduction of our footprint on the marine environment, despite a growing commercial activity worldwide. More shipping in coming years and better shipping for sure. The several regulations enacted by IMO regarding SOx emissions, NOx emissions, and now Ballast Water treatment are excellent testimonies to operations improvements but represent as many challenges to overcome for the stakeholders of the Shipping Industry.


Shipping companies, operators and suppliers are faced with these challenges and must respond with the sustainability of Shipping in mind. Considering the global impact of these topics and their technical complexity, the stake is clearly for shipping companies to conciliate efficient and convenient solutions, applicable on a worldwide basis. The challenge stands there.


Gulf Oil Marine is tackling these challenges head on: Our approach is fully focused on measureable benefits to be brought to the shipping industry and on the implementation of user-friendly solutions we recommend on a global basis.


Marine Engines technology improved considerably over last 20 years while the quality of Marine fuels remains pretty mixed depending the region of the world. This results in non-optimal engine performance that we aim at improving considerable with innovative fluids. Our recently developed fuel additive focuses on the homogeny of the marine fuel in the fuel tank, boosts its combustion capabilities and drives to an enhanced engine performance thus lowering operating costs. We are considering to make it available in our best covered ports and to propose to our clients a tailor-made follow-up of their ships engines accordingly. Like for all the other products we provide, we aim at providing both product performance and convenience of use. Gulf Oil Marine & the Sealub Alliance walk today the last steps before launching officially this product to its clients worldwide.


On the other hand, regarding ballast water treatment system to be implemented onboard all ships by 2015 according to the IMO regulation, we are working side by side with the shipping industry and have developed an innovative solution that presents the triple benefit of being biodegradable, capital-effortless, simple to use onboard. Our Product, GulfSea MEXEL Water Cleaner, designed in co-operation with a company specialist of biodegradable fluids, has been pre-listed by IMO for the final tests leading to the official IMO approval. GulfSea Mexel Water Cleaner is essentially, a biodegradable fluid that acts as a sterilizer of all organisms present in ballast water tanks. This solution ensures that no micro organisms are transferred into the environment by working in two ways: firstly, by cleaning the ballast water and secondly, by forming a protective film around the ballast water tank wall itself. In the first process, the biocidal capabilities of the fluid neutralise all the bacteria present in ballast water tanks to create a sterile environment. In addition, its tension-active and filming properties clean the tank wall so that repeated use of the product will reinforce its overall efficiency. This fluid is fully biodegradable in water and has no environmental footprint or harmful for marine life. It is particularly convenient to use it onboard with the simple fitting of a water filter (1 m x 1m x 2m) and of a pump + storage unit (2.5m x 2m x 1m). Compared to hardware solutions alternatively proposed by suppliers, our solution is highly less capital intensive, almost energy free and protective for the ship equipments. While we go forward the IMO approval for this product, we are leading fruitful experience with partner shipping companies to best support the launch of this product in coming months.


Bernard Damin
Gulf Oil Marine Technical Director