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Hamburg, Germany

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Gulf Oil Marine’s Hamburg team certainly has good reasons to celebrate.


Over the past years, our European sales and supplies have, with the generous support from customers, grown strongly. 


But we aren’t stopping here.  To support even stronger growth, Gulf Oil Marine will expand our German sales, customer service, supply and operations teams, as well as blending / warehousing capabilities; we will even manufacture and stock marine lubricants in Hamburg.  This will enhance Gulf Oil Marine’s renowned level of service commitments towards our customers’ needs in Germany and the neighbouring countries.


On 18th May, 2017 we had friends and customers over at the Hamburg Maritime Museum for a party reception to celebrate these new exciting developments. Good reasons indeed!


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Please contact our sales team for any enquiries. 


Paul Zuchorski

Marine General Manager



Daniel Gerber

Marine General Manager



Marcus Grabe

Marine General Manager



Berthold Nemitz

Marine General Manager