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Gulf Oil Marine’s survey finds that majority of ship operators (60% of our respondents) have yet to prepare their vessel implementation plan.
Eighty percent of respondents would like to work with Gulf Oil Marine to develop their plan.
Hong Kong

According to the results of Gulf Oil Marine’s survey conducted in 4th Quarter 2018, awareness of the IMO’s 2020 Sulphur emission regulations was very high with more than 95%* of survey respondents being aware of the forthcoming regulations. However, not many have started to preparing for it; among our survey respondents, only 38%* said they have documented a ship specific implementation plan for their vessels. Hence, when asked whether they would like to work with Gulf Oil Marine Ltd. to develop an implementation plan for their vessel/ fleet; 80% of survey respondents replied in the affirmative. Similarly, only 1/3 of the respondents have a transition plan for their lubrication needs.


On compliance methods: more than 70% of respondents chose “having a compliant fuel” to achieve the Sulphur emission regulation by 2020 for their existing fleet. However, for new builds and future fleet, the compliant methods varied more significantly: 39% selected the compliant fuel, 28% selected scrubbers and 19% selected alternative fuel.


Gulf Oil Marine wishes to thank all respondents for their sharing their candid views with us in the survey and we look forward to working with our partners and customers to ensure that we have a smooth transition to 2020 and beyond!