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Gulf Oil Marine’s seminars on 2020 transition planning
Dubai and Mumbai


Gulf Oil Marine has been conducting a series of “2020 Transition Seminars” around the world to share the preparatory and transitional issues surrounding the 2020 regulatory change to the new reduced 0.5% limit.


The sixth and seventh seminars in Dubai and Mumbai were held on 21st and 22nd February respectively. More than a hundred of ship owners, ship managers and ship operators attended the two events.


The seminars’ focus is on the preparation and implementation of transition plan by 2020. Gulf Oil Marine also shared the overview on IMO 2020 regulations, challenges facing the ship operators and various compliant solutions meeting the 0.5% Sulphur cap. Gulf Oil Marine also assured the audience that it has a comprehensive lubricant solution, including full range of cylinder oils ranging from BN40 to BN140, developed to optimize the two-stroke engine performance, whichever compliance methodology chosen by ship operators/ owners post 2020.


Gulf Oil Marine’s technical representatives also introduced a free and easy-to-use tool to guide ship operators towards 2020: Gulf Oil Marine’s Ship Implementation Documentary Tool (website: We also arranged a video conference with a OEM specialist from MAN to explain their views on 2020.


At the end of event, Mr. Jack Craig, COO from Gulf Oil Marine thanked everyone for their presence and promising that Gulf Oil Marine will continue to work with customers, going the extra mile to ensure that we deliver our innovative solutions on time and in full, everytime.


Discussions and exchange of ideas continued through the dinner sessions.  Customers were fully engaged with the Gulf Oil Marine team; they were interested in various topics and found the information useful for them to implement their ship compliance plans.


For more event photos, please click here - Dubai and Mumbai


The use of our 2020 Ship Implementation Plan Toolkit is free of charge, please go to website:



 Gulf Oil Marine’s team presented at the Dubai seminar.



Gulf Oil Marine’s guest speaker explained the MAN’s engine development programmes through the video conference.



Mr. Jack Craig, COO from Gulf Oil Marine thanked everyone for their presence.



Customers expressed keen interest on various topics.


Gulf Oil Marine’s team presented at the Mumbai seminar.