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Sulphur cap 2020 Conference, Amsterdam



Gulf Oil Marine is proud to have supported the Sulphur Cap Conference 2020 in Amsterdam, 8th and 9th May.


Our Technical and Solutions Director, Mr. Don Gregory was part the panel that discussed how lubricant suppliers can help the market to prepare for the 2020 challenges. 


Don introduced Gulf Oil Marine’s new cylinder oil blending unit (COBU) which will allow ship engineers to optimise their lubricant feed-rates based on the BN requirements; he touched on our test ship programmes for the new lube formulations post 2020: low BN cylinder oils with high detergency/dispersancy with high oxidation stability. He also discussed Gulf Oil Marine’s vessel implementation plan platform which is free for all ship operators to use to help prepare their vessels implementation plans (per IMO guidelines).


Gulf Oil Marine hope that ship owners and operators find the information provided to be useful for them to prepare for their ships’ 2020 transition.


The use of our 2020 Ship Implementation Plan Toolkit is free of charge, please go to website: 


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