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A Helping Hand From Gulf Oil Marine
Hong Kong



When Typhoon Mangkhut smashed into Hong Kong on September 16th 2018, it was the most powerful storm on record to hit Hong Kong and left a trail of destruction across the territory. Particularly badly hit were the outlying islands, notably Po Toi, located to the south of Hong Kong. For five decades Po Toi has been the home of the famous Ming Kee seafood restaurant, founded and run by the Leung family who have made it a hugely popular destination for weekend visitors with a combination of delicious food and great hospitality.


The restaurant was almost totally destroyed by the typhoon, but with the generous support of Gulf Oil Marine and many of their customers, it was rebuilt and normal service was resumed. Florence Leung, who manages the restaurant with her family said “Thank you Gulf Oil Marine. We don’t have customers at Ming Kee, we have friends and we received so much encouragement and help from all our friends that we had to come back and rebuild.”


Ming Kee is now back and thriving , a much loved part of Hong Kong life and a popular haunt for many of the Hong Kong shipping community. Definitely worth a visit either by ferry or junk, especially with the distinctive Gulf Oil Marine signage now adorning it.  


 Ming Kee - Po Toi 2.JPG


Ming Kee - Po Toi 1.JPG


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