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Webinar: Lube Oil Analysis and Criticalities


Gulf Oil Marine is pleased to share that the webinar organized by The Institute of Marine Engineers (India) – IMEI on Saturday, on 4th July 2020 had more than 200 participants; the majority are members of Institute of Marine Engineers India.


Our Senior Technical Manager, Mr. Graham Calder was the main speaker for the webinar and he covered a diverse range of topics, from issues surrounding the “Interpretation of Used Oil Analysis” to his views and opinions on efficient lubrication solutions.  Graham also introduced Gulf Oil Marine’s Oil Analysis reporting system which aims to help customers run all their vessels’ lubricants-related technical reports and took the opportunity to recommend a series of Gulf Oil Marine’s Technical Solutions and some onboard tests which are easy-to-operate and can assist vessel operators to monitor/assess the liner conditions effectively and efficiently onboard.


The 2-hour seminar generated strong interests from the participants; and there was some very good exchange of ideas at the Q&A session.


The majority of participants provided positive feedback, saying that the webinar was useful and that it provided useful and practical guidelines. Also most of them requested that such technical sessions be conducted regularly.


To watch the webinar, please access here


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