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Webinar – Maritime Air Pollution, Europe



Gulf Oil Marine is pleased to join the webinar of Maritime Air Pollution, Europe organized by Rivieria Maritime Media on 21st October 2020.  Our Technical and Solutions Director, Mr. Don Gregory was on the panel to discuss “Marine Lubricants and Additives”.


Don shared his insights on the operational challenges that the industry faced post 2020.  He also introduced Gulf Oil Marine’s Cylinder Oil Blending Unit (COBU) which helps ship engineers to optimise their lubricant feed-rates based on the BN requirements and at the same time, alleviate some of the problems that ship operators are facing.


“The COBU precisely meters the mixing of two different BN and detergency level cylinder oils on a frequent batch blending basis. This highly automated unit allows the Chief Engineer to “dial in” his or her BN or detergency requirements. In less than 30 minutes the engine will be receiving the prescribed freshly blended cylinder oil and the recovery of a poor liner & piston ring conditions can begin immediately.” Don said.


“Conversely if conditions in the liner are excellent the COBU can adjust downwards the portion of the more costly high detergency component of the blended cylinder oil and save operating expenses.” He added.


With a COBU, ship operators could easily change the detergency simply by a touch screen command. The engine will also receive the new BN level within 1 hour, contrasting that with the approximately 2 days needed to switch BN via a cylinder oil day tank.  Besides the practical considerations of cylinder oil logistics, Don also explained why there are financial benefits with the use of the COBU.


Here's Don's presentation video: 


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