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Technical Seminar: The Next Generation of Cylinder Oil
Dubai, 29th July 2022

Gulf Marine’s technical seminar was successfully held in Dubai on 29th July 2022 (Friday); our first face-to-face event after three years.


Around 60 ship owners, ship managers and industry stakeholders joined the technical discussion on “The Next Generation of Cylinder Oil”.

Around 60 ship owners, managers & industry stakeholders joined the seminar
Our Global Technology & Product Development Manager, Irwan Jaafar, shared the development story of our CATII 40BN product, GulfSea Cylcare XP 5040X.  He shared details about the product’s superior cleanliness performance which is clearly a major leap ahead of the regular BN40 products in the market.  We believe that its cleanliness performance will help to define the “next generation” lubricant standards.  The product is also designed to be suitable for use with the new low-carbon fuels, such as methanol, LNG, etc.  
Irwan Jaafar shared the development story of our CATII 40BN product

Gulf Marine was the first lubricant manufacturer to receive CAT II 40 BN NOL in August 2021. By May 2022, we were already supplying this product to our customers (the earliest supplier of CATII 40BN cylinder oils to the marine industry). Amit Singh, our Sales Director, Middle East & S Asia, shared a roadmap for vessel operators to switch to CATII 40BN product.

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Amit Singh hosted a lively discussion during the seminar

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For any enquiries about CATII 40BN, please speak to your local Gulf Marine representatives for more information.