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GulfSea Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM) is designed to detect ferrous-wear instantly. Adapted for field applications, this easy-to-use instrument detects metal particles in oil samples taken from lubricated machinery on vessels. It is ideal for testing and analysing oil samples on-board vessels, where full laboratory analysis is not possible. Features include:



  • Immediate ferrous wear measurement in PPM on the LCD screen.
  • Suitable for testing and analyzing oil samples on-board.
  • Simple, easy-to-operate, instrument requiring minimal training.




  • Reduced Operating Costs : By trending the ferrous wear measurements, any increase in wear levels over time can be monitored and appropriate actions taken to mitigate any damage, preventing more serious damage occurring. 
  • Decreased Downtime : Monitoring of ferrous wear levels with your oil samples allows any deterioration in machine condition to be quickly detected, saving you downtime and money.
  • Reduced Scrape Down Oil Usage : Measurements of ferrous wear debris in oil samples can be taken from a variety of machinery, including used cylinder scrape down oil, gear boxes and bearings. 
  • Schedule Maintenance as Required : Machinery degradation can be observed as it happens and machines serviced as and when they need to be, rather than on a time or hours of operation basis, reducing costs and saving manpower.


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