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As part of our continuing efforts to assist customers for the 2020 transition, we would like to share with you this publication. This guidance has been developed by experts from across shipping, refining, supply and testing of marine fuels.

The publication, released on 20th August 2019, presents specific safety and operational issues relating to the supply and use of max. 0.50%-sulphur fuels, an overview of fuel quality principles, and the controls that should be put in place to ensure that safety issues are identified, prevented and /or mitigated. It also covers issues such as fuel compatibility, fuel stability, and fuel handling and storage, and contains a comprehensive review of existing operational factors that can affect safety.

While the publication does not address the use of lubricants, other than stating that "with the use of max. 0.50%-sulphur fuels, the neutralizing demand on the engine lubricants and cylinder oil will be dramatically reduced”, it nonetheless recommends that “shipowners should engage with their lubricant suppliers and follow OEM guidelines to ensure that the most appropriate lubricants are being used.”

As a marine lubrication solutions provider, Gulf Oil Marine has developed in depth understanding of the suitability of the cylinder oil lubricants for vessels using with max 0.5-%-sulphur fuels through our work with our test vessels, several customers as well as with major OEMs. And as always, our expert team of technical engineers stands ready to engage and share with you.


To download the Joint Industry Guidance, please click here.